Celebrate One Month: Join the 250 Books Campaign!

EnjoyReading is just starting its 250 BOOKS CAMPAIGN to celebrate over one month of success in the BookRoom at Stanton Elementary! We are inviting the DC community to become founding members of this important mission and donate books from our brand new online bookstore! We hope to receive donations for 250 new books by January 1, 2012!

Give the gift of reading to those who need it most and learn how your donation is spent.

Read below for more news from EnjoyReading:

The BookRoom was full today at Stanton! 2nd graders eager await Ms. Ali's instructions to pick out new books to read at home with family members! Send these eager scholars more books to read today! EnjoyReading also teaches math! Scholars are using data analysis to read our "Who Did You Read At Home With?" graph. One scholar recently told us, "I'm gonna read my book with my uncle because that's sad that no one is reading with their uncle." Send her a book to read with her uncle today!